Step by step we’re inching just a little bit closer to a version of Half-Life: Alyx that’s completely playable without a VR headset. Whether you think that’s a good or bad idea, it’s a pretty monumental feat to achieve, and after the recent release of the Source 2 modding tools, more and more opportunities are unfolding. Now, we have a new take on the non-VR version of HL: Alyx, taking more of a traditional first-person shooter approach to the problem.

When Half-Life Alyx was first announced, and eventually released, many fans have been disappointed that the first Half-Life game in over a decade was locked behind quite a substantial paywall, but still many consumers flocked to buy new headsets just for Alyx’s release. Ever since then though, modders and programmers have been tirelessly working away at non-VR versions, check out the latest attempt with the Pancake Base mod for Half-Life: Alyx…

It’s pretty impressive how seamless it looks, compiling several mods together to turn Alyx into a more traditional first-person shooter like the original Half-Life 2. These mods include new weapon scripts, HUD changes, improved weapon models, improved animations and more.

Someone recently recreated the entire opening are of Half-Life: Alyx in Far Cry 5's level editor. And another previous attempt at porting Alyx to a non-VR version saw players trying to control 3D independently floating hands using just the mouse and keyboard which, understandably, didn’t exactly translate very well.

This new version could be a step in the right direction, but the creator has conveniently hidden those moments of VR interactivity that would be almost impossible with this kind of style, so who knows what happens when you need to solve those 3D puzzles?

What do you guys think of this mod? Does it translate very well? Are you interested in playing it? And will we see a proper pancake version of HL Alyx soon? Let us know your thoughts!