It’s time to get your space legs, Captain, as the next major expansion for Elite Dangerous is coming early 2021 and will finally let us disembark on planets unknown. Odyssey marks the next frontier of galactic exploration and will include new missions, gear, and even first-person gun combat. Use stealth or all out combat to meet your objectives, or use diplomacy and cunning tactics.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey marks the birth of a highly anticipated new era for the long running definitive space simulation, allowing players to touch down on countless new planets powered by stunning new tech, and explore with unrestricted freedom from a first-person, feet-on-the-ground perspective.” Check out the official announcement trailer for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey below:

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised how many space captains land their ships, open the door, and then fall flat on their face because they haven’t used them in years. Either way, this is an exciting time for fans of Elite Dangerous who have been asking for an update like this since the very beginning. Previously you were able to explore worlds but only through the use of vehicles, now its boots on the ground and even includes actual gun combat and missions.

There’s no mention of how this will be affecting VR compatibility though, as Elite Dangerous does allow you to connect a VR headset whilst flying a spaceship, but we’ll have to wait on more information for that at least.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will be available sometime in early 2021.

What do you think? Are you excited for the new expansion? What do you think the gun combat will be like? Will you be going loud or stealthy? Let us know!