AMD’s long-awaited RDNA 2-based graphics cards are getting more and more buzz right now, after seeing that leak yesterday of what could possibly be the much anticipated Big Navi GPU under a mysterious codename of ‘Sienna Cichlid’, more and more excitement is brewing for AMD’s next generation lineup. Now AMD has finally confirmed that the RDNA 2-based graphics cards will be coming out later this year, and before next-gen consoles launch.

We knew that AMD was working on the so-called Big Navi (also known as Navi 2X) that utlizies the new RDNA 2 architecture, which will comply with Microsoft’s DirectX12 Ultimate requirements and finally bring ray tracing support and 4K gaming to AMD’s range of products, but in a recent online conference with AMD’s CFO, David Kumar, he confirmed that the Big Navi GPU will be coming to PC users before the holiday season.

There’s a lot of excitement for Navi 2, or what our fans have dubbed as the Big Navi,” he says. Kumar also confirmed that the Big Navi “is a halo product,” which means it will indeed be the flagship product of the brand category. So we can expect a significant rival to Nvidia’s own flagship of RTX 20 series products like the RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Super, and the RTX 2080 Ti.

Furthermore, Kumar explained that the “RDNA 2 architecture goes through the entire stack,” and “it will go from mainstream GPUs all the way up to the enthusiasts and then the architecture also goes into the game console products... as well as our integrated APU products.” This is exciting news ever since we heard about RDNA 2 and it’s performance capabilities such as a significant 50% improvement in performance-per-watt, as well as possibly offering ray tracing support for lower end hardware.

There’s still no information about specs or a rough price point yet, so unfortunately there’s nothing to compare it to as of now, but considering the Big Navi will be aimed towards ultra-enthusiasts and is being named a Halo product, we can expect a pretty high price point and significant performance improvements, but it’s still a guess at this point. "Enthusiasts love to buy the best, and we are certainly working on giving them the best," Kumar also said.

For reference, here’s the RTX 20 series lineup at launch and their initial prices:

GPU Release Date Price (MSRP)
RTX 2060 January 15th 2019 $349
RTX 2070 October 17th 2018 $499
RTX 2080 September 20th 2018 $699
RTX 2080 Ti September 27th 2018 $999
Titan RTX December 18th 2018 $2,499


I included those last two GPUs, the RTX 2080 Ti and Titan RTX, so we can at least see what kind of range the lineup was at. We’re not at all expecting the Big Navi to reach the Titan RTX standard, but again we have no specs to compare just yet, so who knows really?

Finally, Kumar also confirmed that their next processors based on the Zen 3 architecture are on track to release within the same timeframe, so we can expect the 4th generation of Ryzen desktop CPUs to be available soon at least. Though if that’s true, unless TSMC gets to work really quickly, it looks like we might not be seeing that rumor of the 5nm process node making it to Zen 3 just yet.

AMD is looking to plan a big event later this year to announce both the next generation lineup of Radeon RX graphics cards based on the RDNA 2 architecture including the Big Navi, and also the 4th generation of Ryzen processors based on the Zen 3 architecture. There’s no word about what exact dates they will be, but it could be that September timeframe previously rumored as the Big Navi release date.

What do you think? Are you excited for the Big Navi card and Zen 3 processors? What kind of performance increases should we expect? And what do you think the price points will be like? Let us know!