There’s been a kind of shift in the racing game scene, going from more arcade-feeling experiences back in the early 2000s, to more realistic driving simulations. One of the best games to nail that sense of driving simulation and amass a huge and loyal following is the Project Cars series, and the developers have just recently announced their most ambitious sequel yet with Project CARS 3.

I say ambitious, but really it’s just a massive overhaul. The developer, Slightly Mad Studios, have introduced brand new features to the series as well as almost complete overhauls of a lot of the core experiences. The controls, the campaign, the multiplayer have all been either tweaked or redesigned entirely from the ground up. Check out the official announcement trailer below:

As mentioned, the career mode has been redesigned from scratch, giving players much more sense of progression by earning XP and in-game currency (don’t worry, there aren’t any microtransactions planned) across ten different driving classes. But the biggest change comes in the way of car customization, now you can fully customize and upgrade parts of your car, something that was missing in the previous entries. You can unlock, upgrade, and race your way through the entire campaign all with just 1 car if you so want.

Controls have also been tweaked to make them feel better on controllers, and multiplayer has been updated to include more accessibility features. The usual custom lobbies make a return, but now there’s a new quick play option for those who just want to get straight into the racing action. There’s also curated tracks and events by the developers, and if you don’t have a suitable car for the race, you can simply borrow one.

There’s all sorts of new additions to PC3, including new tracks, new graphical effects, improved AI and more, so Project Cars 3 is looking to be the best one yet in the series, and will hopefully attract even more players in the future.

Project CARS 3 is set to release sometime in Summer for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

What do you think? Are you excited for Project cars 3? What other features would you like to see? Have you played the previous ones? What’s your favorite driving/racing game right now? Let us know!