Back in 2011, the movie industry was just starting to see the massive surge in comic book films and superhero movies with the release of Marvel’s first outings in the famous MCU. But just before the first Avengers film was about to be released, there was a planned Avengers game due to come out around the same time. Whilst it wasn’t necessarily supposed to be a movie tie-in game, THQ’s FPS based on the Avengers was supposed to come out at the same time as the film, but was cancelled before release. Now we finally have a little peak at what the game could have possibly looked like…

Thanks to the Youtube channel PtoPOnline, a channel dedicated to “preserving gaming history”, footage of the cancelled prototype has now surfaced online, showing a brief segment of early gameplay. Check out the video below for what could have been an FPS set in the world of the Avengers:

Oof, that field of view is pretty nauseating if you ask me… obviously it goes without saying that this was a very early stage in development of the game as you can see only the bare minimum was completed. Missing textures and only the bare bones of level design are present, along with early versions of models for each Avenger character.

Apparently it was supposed to be a sort of Left 4 Dead-esque style of gameplay, with multiple playable characters making their way through distinct missions and fighting against hordes of the skrull. There are some RPG elements present, with kills wracking up XP that would supposedly be used on unlocking and equipping perks for each character.

As mentioned before the story wasn’t exactly supposed to be a tie-in to the movie, and so would actually focus on a story inspired by the Secret Invasion series of comics. More characters were also apparently supposed to make an appearance after unlocking them including Black Widow, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and even the Fantastic Four.

But alas, at the time of development THQ was experiencing financial difficulties, and after Marvel refused to fund development the project was cancelled and the THQ company went bankrupt, before the trademark was bought out by Nordic Games who adopted the name THQ Nordic in 2016.

Now we have a spiritual successor to it, not directly, but Marvel's Avengers will now be the official game of the series, even if it also focuses on a story and world separate from the infamous movie franchise.

What do you think of the Avengers FPS? Would you have played it? What other Marvel FPS games would you like to see? Let us know!