With the recent rumors that the PS4-exclusive title, Bloodborne, is potentially being remastered and reportedly getting ported to the PC, we wanted to ask you all what other console exclusives would you like to see come to the platform? What other titles have you seen that you wish got an official port to the PC? So I’ve compiled a list of several recent popular games/franchises that are exclusive to consoles, and have also not yet made their way to PC. If you have any more suggestions, feel free to add them below!

First of all, this list significantly lacks a lot of Xbox exclusives, which makes sense considering that Microsoft has lately been focusing on both platforms, not only bringing many previously console exclusive titles to PC like the Halo franchise with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, but also focusing heavily on bringing all future titles to the platform as well, and the growing success of Xbox Game Pass on PC.

So the following list comprises of only PlayStation and Nintendo exclusives, and I’ve listed them all under a singular brand name since most of the titles in the franchise came out exclusively on console (because let’s face it, if I listed out all the Mario games not on PC then this would be a much, much longer list). I also still included Bloodborne here just to see how much some of us want it in comparison to the others.

With all that we have the PlayStation exclusives including Bloodborne, God of War, Infamous, Killzone, The Last Of Us, and Uncharted. On the Nintendo side we have Animal Crossing, Mario, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, and The Legend of Zelda.

And just to make sure that we don’t just focus on one title, but also make sure that we can’t pick all of them; everyone gets exactly 3 votes on each platform. So pick wisely! And vote for some more of the ones you’re really passionate about, like if I missed any, in the discussion area below.

So which ones do you really, really wish had an official PC port? Which ones deserve to be on the platform the most? Whether that’s for a larger audience to appreciate it, or because there isn’t really anything else like it on PC? Let’s debate!

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