It’s not that much longer until we can buckle up and take on the muddy roads in Dirt 5, so if you were wondering exactly what kind of story you’re in for then look no further, as more information has been released about Dirt 5’s career mode. The story will take you across multiple continents in various “amplified” events, delivering lots of action as you take part in “a world-renowned off-road racing series.

As you, the player, are starting off in this world you’ll encounter several key characters in the story including a sort of mentor for your character, AJ, voiced by Troy Baker, and your rival throughout the career, Bruno, voiced by Nolan North. This will be the core of the story as you race to compete, improve, and eventually be the best.

In between races there will be an in-game podcast hosted by Donut Media and will feature special guests like AJ and Bruno as well as the W Series champion, Jamie Chadwick, and gaming/car culture personality SLAPTrain. These podcasts will cover your entire story and progress throughout the career, as well as reacting to key moments in your story.

The career itself will be split into 5 chapters which will cover key moments in the overall story. Each chapter will offer multiple paths for players to choose from, letting you pick what races you want to compete in. If doing all of them is your thing then you can absolutely still do that across 130 total events, featuring 9 different race types, and every location available in DIRT 5. 

Competing in races earns you stamps, which are used to unlock the final major event of the chapter, and move you into the next one. Additionally, you can unlock secret throwdown events that sees you take on another competitor in a 1v1 match.

There are 20 real-world brands on offer as sponsors for you and your vehicles, including the classics like Monster Energy, Sparco, Michelin, Fatlace, and, of course, Codemasters. Each sponsor can offer unique rewards to your character including exclusive liveries and a currency signing bonus.

Each brand will have certain objectives to complete which will lead towards your reputation rank with that sponsor. Maxing out your reputation rank will earn you an ultimate reward from that sponsor. You can easily switch sponsors mid-career, though there may be consequences.

And finally, the entirety of Dirt 5’s career mode is available in 4-player splitscreen/multiplayer, where additional players will take on the role of one of the AI characters in a match. All rewards received are counted towards the host player, but each additional player will also receive bonus XP and currency towards their own careers.

Dirt is set for launch in October for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One. A Stadia version will be available sometime in early 2021.

What do you think? Are you excited for Dirt 5’s career mode? What are you most interested about? How many other Dirt games have you played? Let us know!