It’s all getting a bit exciting with the lead up to everything next-gen, whether that’s consoles, graphics cards, or processors, everything is just really interesting to talk about. Yesterday we had a look at some alleged photos of the upcoming RTX 3080 GPU during manufacture, and amazingly it seems like the authenticity of these images has now been officially confirmed, as Nvidia has launched an investigation on who is responsible for those leaks.

The two companies who are being investigated helped Nvidia with manufacturing the shroud designs for their upcoming RTX 30 series lineup, so this pretty much confirms those RTX 3080 design leaks from yesterday. You’d think that Nvidia would be used to these kinds of leaks by now to be honest.

But a new rumor has now surfaced, and one that might excite a lot of high-end hardware fans, as Nvidia is apparently dropping the Titan naming convention and replacing it with the RTX 3090 in their next-gen lineup of the RTX 30 series GPUs.

We have some specifications that are supposedly confirmed already, but I couldn’t find any official sources so we’re still not sure about these specs, but if anybody has any more information surrounding them then please post the links below!

So obviously none of this information has been officially confirmed, but they do seem very plausible at the least. According to these rumors, Nvidia is reportedly planning 3 variants for the RTX 30 series cards, these include the RTX 3080, the RTX 3080 Ti/Super, and the mysterious RTX 3090. Each card will apparently be based on the PG132 board, feature the GA102 chips and, excitingly, also feature GDDR6X memory with over 300-bit bus width.

Part GPU Name PCB Chip Memory Bus Width TDP Connectors
SKU10 RTX 3090 PG132 GA102 24GB GDDR6X 384-bit 350W 3x Display Port, 1x HDMI, NVLink
SKU20 RTX 3080 Ti PG132 GA102 11GB GDDR6X 352-bit 320W 3x Display Port, 1x HDMI
SKU30 RTX 3080 PG132 GA102 10GB GDDR6X 320-bit 320W 3x Display Port, 1x HDMI

As you can see here, it looks like the RTX 30 series is going to be an absolute beast of a lineup for next-gen graphics cards, with the RTX 3090 clearly as the flagship of the series, though I don’t even want to think about a possible price yet...

This transition over to a 3090 nomenclature rather than the Titan prefix makes a lot of sense, as previously the Titan cards were reserved for much higher VRAM capabilities along with higher double-precision ratios, as well as upgrades to multiple core counts etc. But this distinction has started to die down over the years and so an RTX 3090 just makes a whole load more sense here, at least in my opinion that is.

Also, Titan RTX is already taken, so what would it even be called now? Titan RTX 2? Titan 2TX? 2tan RT2X? Okay I’m getting a bit carried away now.

So what do you guys think? How are these 3 SKUs looking for the RTX 30 series lineup? Do you think Nvidia is dropping the Titan name for the RTX 3090 instead? Let us know your thoughts!