Persona series possibly coming to PC as Atlus joins PC Gaming Show lineup

Written by Stuart Thomas on Wed, Jun 10, 2020 4:02 PM
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There’s been much talk on the internet about Persona 4 Golden making its way onto PC soon, as many indications have pointed to that. The first and most important being that Atlus have now been revealed to be a part of the PC Gaming Show lineup this weekend, sparking many speculations as to what they could possibly have to announce. 

Then they tweeted out an exciting message after the lineup reveal: “We've got some exciting news to share at the PC Gaming Show, this Saturday, June 13th!” 

Next it was revealed that Atlus now has a Steam Creator page, that’s not a huge deal considering that Catherine Classic has been on Steam for a while now, but the creator pages are usually reserved for developers/publishers who have released multiple games on the store. So that was another thing.

But everything started to get to the boiling point when SteamDB staff added the Persona 4 Golden icon and banner to the app’s page, and many other fans found the official Denuvo support page for Persona 4 Golden on PC.

So all signs are pointing towards at least a PC port of Persona 4 Golden coming to Steam, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only one. Whilst Persona 4 Golden is the only title to get so much attention, there are rumors of Persona 3 getting a PC port too. Plus the removal of several tweets online show that we might just be onto something…

Either way, what do you think? Would you be excited for the Persona series on PC? Which ones do you think will make their way? And which is your favorite Persona game? Let us know!

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admin approved badge
16:28 Jun-11-2020

P4G is great, time for you PC people have a blast !

14:00 Jun-11-2020

I hope we'll eventually get the Shin Megami Tensei games too as well as Persona 1 both Persona 2 games

13:25 Jun-11-2020

Reading this just puts a smile on my face.

17:31 Jun-10-2020

Denuvo support page is there too for P4G so it's 90% coming

Hopefully we get news about Persona 5 Royal


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