Dead Rising 5, Dino Crisis reboot and more were in development before studio shut down

Written by Stuart Thomas on Thu, Jun 11, 2020 12:00 PM
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As we all know, the studio responsible for everyone’s favorite wacky zombie game Dead Rising series (except the first game) was shut down back at the end of 2018 after the release of Dead Rising 4 which left fans divided. This was and still is seemingly the end of the line for the Dead Rising franchise. However new rumors have now circulated on what exactly the studio was working on before it got shut down.

According to some sources, Capcom Vancouver was indeed working on a Dead Rising 5, but problems persisted surrounding the engine they were using, which was the Unreal Engine 4. Not nearly as refined or developed as it is today, the team struggled to get the UE4 up to the standards that they wanted, which involved hundreds of zombies on-screen all at once. These problems reportedly halted development progress quite significantly, and even forced the team to reconsider the franchise’s iconic and wacky tone, and instead move towards something more serious like The Last of Us games.

Dead Rising 5 was also supposedly centered around the location of Santa Catarina in Mexico, with the return of Dead Rising 2’s protagonist, Chuck Greene. The story was supposedly going to take place between the 2nd and 3rd games.

Considering that the zany and weird worlds of Dead Rising are pretty much synonymous with the series, it’s safe to say this choice would have been even more dividing amongst fans. Nevertheless, we may never get a chance to see what they were working on now as the studio has shut down indefinitely.

But there are some other interesting tidbits of info that come out of these rumored reports, including several game pitches that the Vancouver studio made to Capcom Japan. These pitches included none other than a Dino Crisis reboot, plus several other projects like an Onimusha reboot, a brand new MegaMan game, a new Ghosts and Goblins title, as well as several other new IPs. However none of these were accepted by the Japan studio.

What do you think? Would you have been excited for a Dead Rising 5? Would you have liked to see a more serious tone instead? What about the Dino Crisis reboot? And other game pitches? Let us know!

Our favourite comments:

It always hurts to see good game studios shut down and people losing their jobs. Also a new Dino Crisis would have been amazing.


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12:49 Jun-13-2020

yea.. UE4 aint that optimized or refine up to its limits and we already havin UE5. also twas great i joined this community as social platforms only post TLOU2 or PS5 nowadays.

13:22 Jun-11-2020

It always hurts to see good game studios shut down and people losing their jobs. Also a new Dino Crisis would have been amazing.

15:14 Jun-11-2020

Meh. Dead Rising 4 was pretty awful and I remember devs being dismissive and locking threads that criticized it. In fact, I think DR2 and DR3 were awful, too but not as awful as DR4 was. The only true Dead Rising game that is worth playing is the first one.

In a way good riddance, another way sucks to lose a job.


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