Desperados 3 PC graphics and difficulty settings revealed

Written by Chad Norton on Fri, Jun 12, 2020 3:58 PM
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Howdy pardners, we're just a few days from the release of Desperados 3 on PC and we wanted to share with you the graphics settings available that you can find in-game to tweak to your liking. There's quite a few options available, but not a lot overall. There are some great options available though like render scale, which can allow for some crisper UI and menu screens whilst keeping all the in-game textures at a lower resolution for increased performance.

But Desperados 3 also comes with a really extensive difficulty selection, allowing you to completely customize the challenge to your liking. The only other example I can think right now of something like this is from the Sniper Elite games. So take a look and prepare yourself for what you'd be comfortable with when Desperados 3 releases in just a couple days.


Desperados 3 graphics settings

Desperados III video settings

  • Resolution
  • Render Scale
  • Fullscreen - Off/On
  • V-Sync - Full Refresh Rate/Half Refresh Rate/Don't Sync
  • Gamma Correction

Desperados III quality settings continued

  • Quality - Low/Medium/High/Custom
  • Texture Resolution - Eighth/Quarter/Half/Full
  • Shadows - Off/Low/Medium/High
  • Shadow Distance - Low/Medium/High
  • Anti-Aliasing - Off/On
  • Water Reflection - Off/On
  • Anisotropic Filtering - Off/Low/Medium/High
  • Ambient Occlusion - Off/Low/Medium/High
  • Viewcone Quality - Medium/High
  • Colorblind Mode - Off/On


Desperados 3 difficulty settings

There are various difficulty settings available in Desperados, and each overall setting can be tweaked even further for a custom difficulty setting.

Desperados III also includes an interesting feature called "showdown mode", which pauses the game and allows you to setup multiple actions from each character to execute in a single moment; like taking out multiple enemies at once, or distracting one at the exact right time for the another character to knock and enemy out. The possibilities and synergies between the various playable characters are endless.

The difficulty settings available in Desperados 3 are as follows...

Desperados 3 overall difficulty settings

  • Beginner
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Desperado

Beginner, Normal, and Hard difficulty settings in Desperados III are all the same as we're used to in other games. But Desperado mode adds another layer of difficulty by not just increasing the enemies detection, as well as decreasing the player's health and ammo counts, but it will also disable the option for pausing during showdown mode. Showdown mode will still be available, but it just won't stop time like it normally does in the previous difficulty settings. This option can also be manually turned off at the lower settings if you want, but is permanently disabled for Desperado difficulty mode.

The Amount of Saves difficulty option is still available at unlimited on Desperado difficulty.

Desperados 3 Beginner difficulty

Beginner difficulty requires a thoughtful approach, but has some margin for error. Enemies react slower and are less aggressive. Your characters have more health.

NOTE: Strongly recommended for those who are new or recently returning to the Real-Time Tactics genre.

Desperados 3 Normal difficulty

Balanced difficulty. Enemies react quickly. Your characters have a moderate amount of health.

NOTE: Recommended for players familiar to the Real-Time Tactics genre.

Desperados 3 Hard difficulty

Hard difficulty is suited for those with good in depth knowledge of RTT mechanics. Enemies react almost instantly and are more aggressive. Your characters have less health.

NOTE: Recommended for veterans of the Real-Time Tactics genre.

Desperados 3 Desperado difficulty

Desperado difficulty requires perfect planning and execution. Enemies have lightning reflexes. Characters have almost no health or ammo.

NOTE: Not recommended for a first playthrough, regardless of player skill.


Desperados 3 customizable difficulty settings

Desperados 3 Enemy Setups

This determines the number of enemies and frequency of tougher enemy types.

HINT: Change this to make enemy setups less or more challenging.

Desperados 3 Player Health

This determines the number of health points your characters can have.

HINT: Change this to decrease or increase your margin for error.

Desperados 3 Player Ammo

This determines how much ammo your characters have at the start of a mission, as well as the amount of ammo found in crates.

HINT: Change this to allow for more or less gunplay in your playthrough.

Desperados 3 Detection Speed

This determines the speed at which an enemy viewcone fills with yellow when they see you.

HINT: Change this to decrease or increase the demand on your reflexes.

Desperados 3 Amount of Saves

This determines the number of times you can save.

Options available: 20, 10, 5, 3, 2, 1, Off.

Desperados 3 Pause during showdown mode

This determines whether the Showdown Mode pauses the game upon activation.

HINT: When playing on "Desperados" this will always be off.


So there you have it, all the graphics settings and difficulty settings available in Desperados 3 for PC. There's a lot of room to play with here in terms of both graphics & difficulty settings available, so the experience is truly up to your own tastes.

However I would recommend with making absolute sure of the difficulty you want to choose, because once you start a new game there is no way of changing the difficulty on the fly and you'll have to reset your progress in order to do so.

Overall though, it's nice to have this much freedom to adjust the difficulty, I went with Normal on my first playthrough and had a blast. But if you feel like you're up to more of a challenge then I would go for Hard, with Desperado only reserved for your second playthrough (trust me, you don't want go down that road on your first outing of the story).

What difficulty setting will go for?

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