The latest Resident Evil entry seems to be making more of an impact on the RE series just as the previous one did, as Resident Evil 8 looks like it will be taking as much of a detour from the normal themes and tone of the previous titles as those rumors suggested a while ago. But whilst Resident Evil 7 pretty much changed most of the fundamental features of the franchise, Resident Evil Village seems like it might be adding a couple of original mechanics…

In a recently released “special developer message” after the official reveal from the PS5 livestream, the producers Tsuyoshi Kanda and Peter Fabiano explained a bit more about the story and world of RE8. But some new gameplay was also revealed, along with a distinctly familiar inventory system and… currency? Could the infamous RE4 merchant be making a return? Check out the video below:

Those environments do look pretty good in the beefed up RE Engine, but it was that currency hint that got me hooked, or at least what seemed like currency. At 2:52 you can see the player’s new inventory screen, which looks a lot like the classic Resident Evil 4 inventory style, but in the top right corner you can see “100 Lei”, which is the currency in romania. This gives RE8 the rather fitting Transylvania setting.

But the RE4 inventory system… the return of currency… and a weird guy in a coat and hat smiling at you in the trailer? I reckon we could see the return of the merchant here, or maybe just some sort of spiritual successor to the merchant. But what do you guys think?

Also what the hell is up with that concept art at the end which they apparently debated over showing us? Anyone have any ideas?

What do you think? Are you excited for Resident Evil 8? What interested you the most about it? What did you think of the gameplay? And will the merchant make a return? Lastly, what are your thoughts on that final bit of concept art? Let us know!