It’s been almost 2 months since the off-road trucking simulator SnowRunner released on PC, and yet the title has already gathered a total of 1 million players worldwide. Because of this achievement milestone, Saber Interactive is celebrating by adding a brand new map to explore and conquer, for completely free! Available today, the new “Rift” update adds an all new area to the Taymyr region in SnowRunner.

Access to the new map can be accomplished through the Quarry area, and features a rocky canyon map with old mining villages and many dangerous cliffs. This new map is going to be tough as it’s another garage-less area, but within it are all new contracts to complete and new upgrades to find. There’s also been some quality of life updates like multiple save slots, improved compatibility with wheel peripherals and more.

The Rift Update is the first free update for SnowRunner since launch, and the Season Pass content will continue to roll out over the next year. The developers also announced that modding support will continue to expand, and will even allow for custom maps and missions.

What do you think? Are you excited for the new SnowRunner update? How much of the game’s maps have you conquered so far? What content are you looking forward to in the Season Pass? Let us know!