During a recent livestream, Electronic Arts have just announced a brand new game set in the most infamous sci-fi universe. Star Wars: Squadrons sees players taking control of a pilot in the galaxy far, far away. Not much information has been released yet, other than we know it will focus a lot on simulating the experience of flying a spaceship.

Unfortunately it’s just another CGI cinematic trailer, and given the current climate of players and their outrage over cinematic trailers that don’t show any gameplay, it was a shame to see EA not getting the memo. Then again, Squadrons is set to release very soon in just a few months, so we’re bound to see some actual gameplay soon. Check out the reveal trailer for yourself below:

Players will reportedly have to plan every skirmish in a briefing room before they set out to some “evolving battlefields.” So we might be getting some maps/locations that adapt or change before a fight, possibly even procedurally generated. These locations will include some known and unknown areas like the gas giant of Yavin Prime or the shattered moon of Galitan.

Players will be able to modify their ships, though it’s unclear yet as to how you can do that, but you must also divert power between the ship’s systems in order to strategically take out your opponents.

A full single-player story will also be included and can even be played entirely in VR on PC or PlayStation 4. Cross-play support will also be available at launch.

So, even though it’s not exactly a Battlefront 3, or even a KOTOR 3, Squadrons looks to be a more focused experience, with plenty of features on offer too.

Back in February, Electronic Arts announced that they have 2 new Star Wars projects under their belt. Whilst one was revealed to be a sequel to the well-received Respawn-led Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order, the other one was teased as a smaller, more unusual project at EA Motive in Montreal, Canada. It seems like we’ve finally found out what that smaller project was.

It’s also believed this is the title that was rumored as ‘Project Maverick’ a few months ago when the game’s work-in-progress title accidentally leaked on the PSN Store.

Star Wars Squadrons is set to release on October 2nd, presumably for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

What do you think? Are you excited for Star Wars Squadrons? What are you most interested in? And when do you think we'll get to see some gameplay? Let us know!