Every year a slew of technology shows and events take place, showcasing some of the best best in technology and PC hardware. CES is one of the biggest, and this year’s event managed to take place just before the CVOID-19 pandemic became a global issue. However, one of the other biggest shows this year, Computex, hasn’t been so lucky as the event has officially been cancelled this year.

The technology conference was supposed to originally take place in early Summer from June 2nd to June 6th, but in March Taiwan had officially closed its borders to anyone other than citizens and local residents, which meant that June date had to be re-organized. It was then scheduled for September 28th and would run 1 day shorter up until September 30th.

The official report from the organizers of Computex, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Taipei Computer Association (TCA), stated that they have “decided to reschedule COMPUTEX to 2021.

Of course, this will just be Computex 2021 and will take place on June 1st to June 5th, rather than the 2020 event taking place in the same year as the 2021 event. In order to keep the spirit of Computex alive though, and allow for companies to still showcase and reveal their new products, TAITRA has launched quite a few online services instead.

These online services include the Computex Online Talks (where we already saw Intel CEO Bob Swan talk about the benefits of technology over benchmarks) and Computex Online Sourcing Meetings, which both took place on June 2nd and June 3rd respectively. However more services are still planned for the future including the InnoVEX Online Demo where startups can display their new products and technologies on the Taiwan Trade Show’s Youtube channel on June 29th, as well as a full Computex Online 2D Exhibition that will launch on September 28th in order to promote and showcase the exhibitors’ products and services.

Computex is a technology convention where all sorts of companies can showcase their new and existing products to potential buyers and the press. Big names like Nvidia, Qualcomm, Supermicro, Delta Electronics and BenQ have all held talks there already, and Intel has been a long-running partner with the show.

What do you think? How will this affect the conference? How do you feel about a 2D online exhibition? And what other services would you be interested in seeing? Let us know!