We all know that there’s a new Batman game in development, I mean there has to be right? Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have been teasing a new title for a long time now, and Warner Bros is planning a virtual event for all enthusiasts of the DC fandom this August. According to them, this event will include exclusive reveals for all types of fans including moviegoers and gamers. 

Aptly named the “DC FanDome”, this event will take place on August 22nd and will offer a mega 24-hour immersive virtual experience. It’s also a free event, where “no badge is required”, and will feature the “stars, filmmakers and creators behind its biggest films, TV series, games and comics.” So yeah, this would be a perfect time to announce a new Batman title.

Reportedly called Batman: Arkham Legacy, which ties in nicely to the ‘Arkham’ series of naming conventions, it’s rumored that this new entry could be focusing on the Court of Owls and a much older Batman (or possibly even a successor of his?). But other than that we don’t know much at all, but considering how much Warner Brothers have been teasing us about a new Batman game, I’m like 99% sure this is likely... maybe 98%.

It’s also reported that this next title will even come out later this year, with cross-gen compatibility between the current and next generation of consoles, which could explain why they’ve taken such a long time to finally reveal it.

We last heart about a new Batman game earlier this year when Warner Bros Games Montreal tweeted out a post which featured a fragmented picture and the caption “capture the knight”; a clear reference to caped crusader also known as the Dark Knight, but the picture itself still remained elusive. 

So what do you think? Will Warner Bros reveal a new Batman game during the DC FanDome? Would you be excited for a new Batman game? Even after being teased for so long? Which one has been your favorite so far? Let us know!

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"Much older Batman? Count me in. Actually, count me in anyways because you had me at Batman."