We’ve come a long way since the original Dirt games, and somehow they just keep getting bigger. The latest entry was revealed during the Xbox gameplay reveal livestream, and since then Codemasters have been pushing on Dirt 5's campaign story quite a lot. Featuring the star-studded likes of Troy Baker as Alex “AJ” Janicek, Nolan North as Bruno Durand, and Nolan Sykes & James Pumphrey from Donut Media.

We already covered most of the career mode details a while ago, which features over 130 events across multiple continents, but we haven’t really seen anything from the cast themselves and how they feel about the story. Well, that’s now changed as the main cast is here to talk about the upcoming story of Dirt 5’s career mode and the characters that they portray. Check it out below:

Dirt 5’s career mode starts off with the player finding a mentor in Troy Baker’s AJ character, before being introduced to the veteran racer Bruno Durand by Nolan North who quickly becomes your main antagonist. A rivalry is born between the two stars as you follow both their stories, in or out of the Donut Media podcast that ties it all together, hosted by Nolan Sykes and James Pumphrey.

The podcast itself will not only feature the two main characters from Nolan and Troy, but also some real-world talent including the current W series World Champion, Jamie CHadwick, and the Youtube star SLAPTrain.

What do you think of Dirt 5’s cast? Are you excited to jump into the main story? Which Dirt game has been your favorite so far? Let us know!