It’s been a week since we got the official reveal of Sony’s upcoming next-gen console, the PlayStation 5. Not only did we get to see some actual gameplay from some of the games on show, but we got a good look at the system’s design too. But one thing has yet to be revealed that everyone is anxiously waiting… the price. How much is this thing going to actually cost us?

We’ve had some alleged leaks come out about the actual price of the console being around the $500 mark. But no one has been talking about quite possibly the more important question: the actual prices of next-gen video games themselves. Are they going to increase with next-gen consoles and tech coming out? Or will they decrease from a looming recession on our doorsteps?

Game prices have always been a bit fiddly, especially when it comes to regional pricing in different countries, Death Stranding recently got a lot of flack for insane regional pricing, and one quick google search online will display a game’s price in all their available regions, with adjusted currency conversion rates.

There’s also the worry of a looming recession following the awful COVID-19 pandemic around the globe, less people with jobs and less money to spend means less revenue for these companies to receive. So oftentimes prices will drop to account for it and allow more people to purchase their goods. It’s not a nice thing to talk about, especially with how devastating this situation has been already.

The manufacturing cost for the PlayStation 4 was estimated to be around $380, and the PlayStation 5 is estimated around $450, and that’s not counting any additional costs that come from marketing, shipping etc. And we talk about this a lot but we all know that Sony and Microsoft sell their consoles at a loss in order to get a larger consumer audience, then make their money back through games sales and online subscription services. So surely that should mean that game prices would increase then?

Yet right now, of the few next-gen games we can actually pre-order, the prices haven’t changed at all from the usual current-gen prices, or at least that’s what we can see with current US game prices. So we want to hear from you and if you’ve noticed any major pricing changes for games recently, especially any next-gen titles that we can pre-order already.

Games like Assassins Creed: Valhalla or Dirt 5 haven’t changed from the typical AAA price points. But could this be a calm before the storm? To release the next-gen games at the same price in order to give everyone a chance to buy the console, then increase the game prices after a while to account for larger advancements in tech/console manufacturing?

So what do you think? Have you noticed any price changes in your region? Will game prices increase a lot for the next generation? Or will they stay the same? Or will they even possibly decrease in price? Let’s debate!

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