Ah, Rayman, the strange and quirky world in which the character inhabits was a big franchise a long time ago, moving from the classic 2D platforming into the 3D space and then back to 2D with the previous Rayman Legends. But the original game still holds up today even with it’s sadistic difficulty. Now a fan has reimagined the first game and features new content including “new worlds, levels, minigames and stuff to collect and complete.

Rayman Redemption is created by Ryemanni, and if you want to take a crack at it, it’s available on GameJolt; a platform for indie games that often hosts other fan-made titles. Like most other fan-made creations it will probably get taken down at some point, so download it whilst you can! You can check out some of the gameplay below:

If, like me, you recently tried to replay Rayman after so long and then realized that is an absolutely off the charts kind of hard, then luckily there’s a slightly easier difficulty option for you If you’re some kind of wizard who can somehow cope with the tremendous difficulty, then there’s also a Classic difficulty option if you want.

Back in the day Rayman saw a lot of fan-made levels and creations that were eventually incorporated into Rayman Gold, so who knows, maybe it won’t get taken down? Tell you what though, I’m now itching for a new Rayman game after a while...

What do you think? Will you be downloading Rayman Redemption? Have you played any of the original games? Which is your favorite Rayman game? And would you like to see a new one? Let us know!