After the recent delay that saw Cyberpunk 2077’s release date pushed back a second time, it’s nice to at least get a glimpse at some more gameplay, and lucky for us that’s exactly what’s happening later during the Night City Wire livestream which will begin at 9am Pacific Time, 12pm Eastern Time, and 6pm CEST.

The official statement mentions the Cyberpunk 2077 stream will be 25 minutes total and can be streamed directly on Twitch via CD Projekt Red’s account. The show will present a brand new trailer, “fresh gameplay footage” and a conversation with the developers that will give more details on a new feature in the game, braindance.

Maybe we’ll even get to see some VR gameplay considering that rumor from a couple days ago? It would be a great time to show it if that’s the case. Otherwise, straight up gameplay is still fine with me since the last time we saw any gameplay was last year.

Are you excited for Night City Wire? What kind of gameplay do you think we’ll see? And what could this “braindance” feature possibly be? Let us know!