Yesterday, Crystal Dynamics hosted a livestream for the upcoming action adventure game Marvel's Avengers, which gave us a brand new trailer, plus some juicy single-player and even some co-op gameplay. So here’s all the highlights from yesterday’s livestream.

First up is the new trailer, which gives us a good look at the big bad guy we’ll be encountering in the story. Known as MODOK (or Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing - you gotta love comic book villain names) is the head of a robot security company called AIM which aims (heh) to destroy the avengers once and for all after they disband.

It also shows off some of Ms. Marvel’s story, as her quest ends up reuniting the disbanded avengers group. Check out the new “MODOK Threat” trailer below:

Now we get some juicy stuff, 7 minutes of pure gameplay which sees the player take control of Thor in what appears to be an early level in the game, quite possibly one of the first missions players might experience. In it, MODOK’s forces are attempting to destroy the Chimera helicarrier and it’s up to the Avengers to stop it. There’s some good team banter going on between Thor, the Hulk, Black Widow and Ms. Marvel as they fight side by side against the growing threat.

These missions will apparently be called “Hero Missions” which is the developer’s fancy way of saying single-player story mission which will progress the main campaign. You an have a look at the “Once An Avenger” gameplay reveal below:

Finally, we also got a good look at some of the co-op gameplay that will feature in Marvel’s Avengers. “War Zones” will be repeatable missions that can be played with others and allow players to also customize their own avengers with skins and new equipment. There are apparently dozens of unlockable outfits and gear which are earned by finishing missions and objectives.

These pieces of equipment and cosmetic skins are all inspired by the various comic book series, and certain gear items are directly ripped from various arcs and stories. So for the hardcore comic fans there might be some really interesting stuff for you to play with.

Players will meet and work with a variety of different factions, slowly rebuild the helicarrier, and can even team up together to perform special two-person finishing moves. Plus Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor seems to be available at some point. Check out the new War Zones co-op gameplay below:

Seems to me like the developers took a little bit of inspiration from that cancelled Avengers FPS gameplay that surfaced online, which was a little more Left 4 Dead-esque but there's some clear inspiration.

Marvel’s Avengers will be launching on September 4th for PC via Steam or Google Stadia, as well as PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

What do you think? Are you excited for Marvel’s Avengers? What did you think of the gameplay? Which avenger do you think you’ll be playing as the most? Any specific costumes or gear you’d like to see? Let us know!