I was just having a look online and stumbled across something pretty cool in my opinion and thought I’d let you guys know! Acer have just recently unveiled their Predator X25 gaming monitor which features an astounding 360Hz refresh rate. Whilst it may not be the first monitor to get that high, it certainly makes up for in other features that make this monitor a pretty good fit for competitive multiplayer gamers.

The 360Hz refresh rate does come with a bit of a hitch though, in that the monitor is only 1080p resolution rather than the standard 1440p like most other gaming monitors. But the high refresh rate will surely still give you an edge in multiplayer games. Plus support for Nvidia’s G-Sync technology will ensure no screen tearing or broken immersion.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re having trouble staring at a screen for too long, or having it too bright in the dark, the Predator X25 gaming monitor also includes a bunch of eyecare features like Acer’s AdaptiveLight technology.

Acer’s AdaptiveLight technology allows for the sensors on the Predator X25 gaming monitor to detect the amount of light in the room and then automatically adjust brightness for “optimal illumination and ideal color temperature.

There’s even a handy ProxiSense tech which will notify users after long periods of gaming to allow for some much needed breaks for your eyes.

The ergonomic design features screen tilting of up to 25 degrees backward and 5 degrees forward with 4.7 inches of adjustable height and even includes a swivel feature for up to 30 degrees of swivel rotation.

Finally, the Predator X25 gaming monitor also includes some RGB lighting on the back of the monitor, which can change color depending on what’s being shown on screen, or even react differently to the type of music being played.

In a time where we’re starting to realize how dangerous it is for our eyes to stare at screens all day, it’s nice to have something with built-in eyecare features to help us. And the 360Hz refresh rate will surely be blast for multiplayer competitive titles. Imagine your reflex skills whilst playing something like Call of Duty Warzone or Rainbow Six: Siege.

There’s no price or release date confirmed just yet, but Acer will surely announce something soon.

What do you think? What kind of monitor do you have in your setup? Is this something you would be interested in getting? What other features would you have liked to see? Let us know!