The US tech giant that is Microsoft have just announced that they will be permanently closing down all of their physical stores across the world. Back in March, the company closed their stores due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but since then Microsoft transitioned their employees to work remotely and online, providing services to customers over the phone and through video chat.

This has apparently shown to be just as successful as having a physical store, and considering those big lots of buildings cost a lot of money to upkeep, the decision doesn’t come as quite as much of a surprise. In the long term the company should make a lot more money, but the decision to close down their stores permanently will reportedly cost them around $450 million, or $0.05 per share.

Microsft has apparently seen significant growth since the closure of it’s stores in March, including and digital store apps on Xbox and Windows. Microsoft also hasn’t announced any layoffs due to this move, so it’s assumed that most if not all employees in a physical store have been transitioned to an online position instead.

What do you think? Are physical stores worth it? Would you miss a physical Microsoft store? Or can everything be done just as easily online these days? Let us know!

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"Never made sense for Microsoft to have physical stores like many other players. Microsoft is so much more htan what it usually competes with and its about time they realize that and streamline to focus on their strengths and bring us awesome stuff especially in gaming."