Get your bows ready and rally the mechanical horns, Horizon: Zero Dawn’s PC release date has just been revealed along with a swanky new PC features trailer that shows us some of the juicy details with the PC’s official release. HZD Complete Edition is officially arriving on PC on August 7th this year and includes all the DLC in one complete package.

Previously a PlayStation 4 console exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn’s arrival on PC brings some much needed features like ultra-wide monitor support, unlocked frame rates, dynamic foliage, customizable graphics options, improved reflections, customizable key bindings, and an extensive benchmarking tool. Check out the PC features trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn below:

I must say it’s all looking pretty nifty for the official PC release, with rumors of a Bloodborne sequel and remastered PC port seemingly debunked, hopefully the success of this launch will show Sony that the PC market is worth selling to. Hopefully we can really get a Bloodborne Remastered then.

What do you think? Are you excited for the PC release of Horizon Zero Dawn? What other console exclusives would you like to see on PC? Let us know!