Star Wars Squadrons allows players to fully customize their experience, has hardcore mode

Written by Stuart Thomas on Mon, Jul 6, 2020 1:30 PM
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Electronic Arts recently revealed their latest Star Wars venture with Star Wars Squadrons, and there’s been a lot of interesting info that kind of makes you go “huh? EA are seriously doing that?” but in a good way. Not only will there be absolutely no microtransactions, but the multiplayer modes will also include offline AI options and a full single player campaign.

But for those of you who got a little worried at the sound of “cosmetic items” and shuddered about dancing holographic ewoks or pink unicorn stripes across the beloved X-Wings, don’t worry because Star Wars: Squadrons will allow you turn all that off if you want.

Some players aren't going to want to see any of that,” said creative director Ian S. Frazier when speaking to the press. “It won't matter how plausible it is, they just want to keep it to exactly what we’ve seen in the films, no more and no less, and we totally get that. And so we have an option in the game to hide everybody else's cosmetics. So if you flip that on, then all of a sudden, if you want to put a racing stripe or whatever on your own TIE Fighter, you'll see it, but everybody else's is just going to look like a normal boilerplate TIE Fighter for you.

In fact it doesn’t stop there, as many of SW Squadron’s options can be fully customized to your liking. When starting the game for the first time, players are asked for what kind of experience they want; the standard experience, or a hardcore mode. The standard experience gives players a bunch of UI elements along with the cockpit modules in order to help them localize themselves in 3D space, but the hardcore mode gets rid of those UI elements and “makes you rely entirely on the readouts in the cockpit.

There’s also power management as players have to divert power to different subsystems of their ship including engines, weapons, and shields. “By default, we keep that relatively basic,” Frazier says. “If I hit a button, I will instantly max a given system. Our more advanced players could turn that into advanced power management, and they're individually managing pips of power from one system to another. But that's not the experience that we give to an average new user.

So basically Squadrons will allow for players to completely customize their game settings to their liking, and enjoy a Star Wars experience entirely the way they want. There’s even full HOTAS support for those who want to get in the peripheral action, plus that coupled with the hardcore mode and VR can seriously turn this into one hell of a flight sim it seems.

What do you think? Are you excited for Star Wars Squadrons? What kind of experience will you go for? The standard or hardcore mode? Let us know!

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