Thanks to the trusty Cycu1 on Youtube who brought us the Cyberpunk 2077 graphics comparison video, we now have another graphics comparison to watch and study over with Horizon: Zero Dawn’s upcoming PC version versus the PlayStation 4 Pro version. HZD Complete Edition for PC is releasing on August 7th this year and includes all previously released DLC.

The complete PC version for Horizon Zero Dawn comes with all new features like ultra-wide monitor support, higher resolutions, dynamic foliage, better reflections, and even an FOV slider after initially not including it. But how much better is the PC version compared to the console exclusive version? Well take a look at the video below to see how the game’s two versions compare:

The changes here are almost non-existent if you ask me, there’s not a whole lot that’s actually different apart from some more accurate lighting and looks almost identical to the PS4 Pro version. The more accurate lighting does lead to slightly washed out colours at times but it certainly looks a lot better at certain moments. The most obvious difference though is the 60fps compatibility.

It’s not a remaster obviously, so the graphics are exactly going to be overhauled for the PC versions. It’s also footage grabbed from the official PC trailer for the game and in no way shows off everything that has actually improved, I just thought this was interesting to see just how similar and different the PC version is from the PlayStation 4.

What do you think? Has the graphics improved? What other changes did you notice? Are you excited for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC? Let us know!

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"lol true.. but it goes to show the anticipation for the game, which is a good thing.. i do want this to get hype and success to encourage PC release of exclusive titlesthere really is no question the PC version will get an uplift in quality (just a matter of how much) and its ridiculous to..."
penoys -
"For me, the first improvment is the 60fps"