Today, Microsoft has officially announced that the next event for their Xbox Series X 20/20 live stream series is scheduled for July 23rd and will be showing off mostly first party titles. You can catch the July event through Youtube on the Game Awards channel for Summer Game Fest at 9am Pacific Time, or 12pm Eastern Time and 5pm British Summer Time.

There’s quite a few rumors going around about what exactly will be shown off, hopefully we’ll get to see some more gameplay for Assassins Creed: Valhalla other than that gameplay footage that got leaked earlier today. Other than that we should be getting a good glimpse at the upcoming Halo Infinite, and possibly some news about Fable 4 as well.

Additional rumors have been sparked by Twitter user Klobrille, who is well-known for leaking some information about Xbox Games Studios projects before they were officially announced. Earlier today he posted a poem on Twitter saying: 

I still remember how much I smiled,

the last time I saw Everwild. 

You go to bed and dream about J. Lo,

I have dreams as well — playing Halo. 

Obsidian is a confirmed go as well,

oh I love that fresh RPG smell!

So we might also be getting a further look at Rare’s newest game Everwild, which got revealed last year at Microsoft’s X019 Xbox special event. But we also might hear about a new RPG from Obsidian, whose studio was purchased by Microsoft back in November 2018. Though that last one might just be the Outer Worlds DLC that's still scheduled to come out this year, rather than a fresh new RPG, but one can hope!

What do you think? Are you excited for the Xbox Series X July event? What are you hoping to see? What are your predictions? Let us know!