Watch Dogs Legion screenshots leaked ahead of Ubisoft Forward event

Written by Neil Soutter on Tue, Jul 7, 2020 12:17 PM
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Seems like some screenshots for the upcoming Watch Dogs Legion title have been leaked online ahead of the official Ubisoft Forward event, they’re nothing too special and they're quite low quality, but they sure are interesting to look at as they reveal some interesting features in the new hacking title.

Apparently the images were leaked by a Chinese media outlet after they got to play the game earlier today for 8 hours, but that hasn’t exactly been confirmed yet so we can't be sure. However leaks aren’t exactly new here as yesterday a full 30 minutes of gameplay for Assassins Creed Valhalla was leaked online before Ubisoft scrambled to get every source of the video taken down. You can check out the leaked screenshots for Watch Dogs Legion below:

Nothing much to see here in the first one other than the various pieces of information you can gather from literally any character in the world of Watch Dogs Legion, it also shows players able to access certain areas with certain uniforms.

It's also unclear how early of a build this is, as dictated by the glaring "work in progress" sign in the first leaked screenshot, so it's possible this is a very early build version.

Next up we have some various images of the “Team” menu screen that shows a bunch of operatives including football hooligan Phil as well as a slick spy character, complete with a Spy Watch to jam enemy weapons and a Spy Car equipped with missiles and a cloak.

This final screenshot is a bit puzzling as to why it was included in the collection, if you didn’t notice it at first the image is taken from some of the same footage we saw for the lineup reveal for Ubisoft Forward. So it’s possible this picture is here to prove that these image leaks are real, but the circled red area suggests the uploader is highlighting a key date: 16th September. 

Could this be a reference to Watch Dogs Legion’s release date? Probably not, as it’s most likely just a random and arbitrary date in-game, though it’s interesting as to why it’s highlighted nonetheless.

We’ll definitely be seeing some more Watch Dogs Legion at Ubisoft Forward’s E3-style event this Sunday, and if these screenshot leaks are believed to be real and coming from a chinese media outlet at a gameplay event, hopefully that means we’ll also get an official release date.

And in preparation for WD Legion coming out soon, you can claim a free copy of Watch Dogs 2 this Sunday during the Ubisoft Forward livestream.

What do you think? Are you excited for Watch Dogs Legion? What do you think of the screenshots? What could we see at the Ubisoft Forward event? Let us know your thoughts!

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13:15 Jul-08-2020

looks sick

14:05 Jul-07-2020

Watch Dogs was a good game with high sales, Watch Dogs 2 was an awesome game with low sales soI hope Watch Dogs Legion can be an awesome game with awesome success. And I hope it doesn't take itself too seriously just like in Watch Dogs 2.

13:33 Jul-07-2020

Can't wait to play Brian Casey the Spy, with his Spy watch and his Spy Car


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