Nvidia is now officially, technically, worth more than Intel in terms of market cap (which is the total value of outstanding shares). Nvidia recently revealed that their market cap reached a value of $251.31 billion, as opposed to the blue team’s $248.15 billion.

Unsurprisingly, the rise has come from a massive increase in sales over the past year, no doubt due to the current COVID-19 global pandemic, the rise of RTX cards popularity, and the announcement of their next Ampere series GPUs. That has translated to a 70% increase in share value over the same year, now at a price of $408.64 per share.

Nvidia has also focused a lot on machine learning and AI, which has made them very valuable allies to data centres and various research companies.

However, market cap is not necessarily an indication of how well the company is performing, that is usually judged by the total revenue. Intel, for instance, had a revenue of $71.9 billion last year, whilst Nvidia only had a revenue of $11.72 billion. That’s quite the gap in earnings there, though it is worth noting that Nvidia has almost doubled their revenue since 2017, and current predictions aren’t exactly expecting it to stop growing at any time soon.

Of course, Nvidia recently also acquired the tech company mellanox, which has opened up all new avenues for growth and opportunities for expansion.

So whilst Nvidia may technically be worth more than Intel, they are nowhere near making the same kind of dough as the CPU giant. But that could change in the future, as the company continues to expand and grow, and they’re clearly not looking to slow down.