Word on the grape vine is that Nvidia is looking into a new power interface for their upcoming next-gen Ampere GPUs, as rumors continue to circulate that the RTX 30 series cards are expected to exceed the 300W TDP mark. The new rumors come from a Chinese tech outlet, and they say that Nvidia is supposedly preparing a 12-pin PCIe power connector.

Apparently these 12-pin power connectors can, in theory, deliver up to 600W. Though this would only be the case in optimal conditions, apparently. Instead, these connectors can supposedly deliver 400W to the high-end Ampere cards.

According to the rumor, the 12-pin connector is rather similar to the current-gen Molex Micro-Fit connectors, and equivalent to one of the 6+2 pin connectors.

It is certainly possible for Nvidia to be looking at a new power solution if their cards really are going to need to draw so much power, and if some of the enthusiast cards like the RTX 3090 do indeed end up requiring 350W, Nvidia is certainly going to need all that juicy 400W the 12-pins can supposedly offer.

This does pose some issues however, namely that I can’t think of any PSUs currently using a 12-pin connector, and so either Nvidia has to supply an adaptor themselves or PSU manufacturers will be looking forward to a timed launch along with Nvidia. There’s also the impending issue of having to buy an all new PSU altogether, which would end up making Ampere quite a costly endeavor for anyone looking to upgrade to a no doubt already expensive lineup.

There is some potentially good news here though, as these rumors came about after some alleged blueprints were uncovered revealing the new 12-pin design, but the Chinese tech outlet did state that they’re not sure whether the new connectors are only used for reference cards shipped by Nvidia themselves, and that actually AIB partners will stay with the current standard Molex Micro-Fit.

Of course, this is all speculation and there’s currently no evidence behind it to support it at all, but on the off chance it is actually true, what could this mean for our PC systems? Is the upgrade worth it? Would you buy a new PSU and a new GPU at the same time? Or does this simply make AMD’s own next-gen Navi cards all the more appealing? Let us know your thoughts!

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