If you’ve been trucking through the mud and snow still since the launch of SnowRunner about 2 months ago, then you’re not alone. The game is huge with loads of content to explore and perfect, but if you were looking for even more content - free or otherwise - then SnowRunner’s Phase 1 of the upcoming Season 1: Search & Recover is adding a hell of a lot of new stuff.

The first major update for SnowRunner includes new maps, new vehicles, new features and more. Season Pass owners can now travel to Lake Kovd of the icy Kola Peninsula region in Russia, where players will have to carefully traverse the thin ice that could break any moment. You can check out the Overview trailer for SnowRunner Season 1: Search & Recover below.

Two brand new vehicles have also been added to the Season including the TUZ 16 “Actaeon” as well as the iconic Ford 750 4x4 CrewCab. There’s also some new cosmetic customization options with new vehicle skins.

Over the Summer players can look forward to even more stuff coming to SnowRunner like a second map, interior customization, another vehicle, more skins, and new missions to complete.

But there’s some new content available for free as well, which includes the new Beta modding tools for PC that allows players to customize and create their own maps. Trials also make a return from MudRunner, plus new missions will be added free of charge.

Amazingly, Saber Interactive have made it completely possible for you to enjoy the Season Pass content even if you don’t actually own the Season Pass or Premium Edition. Players who own the new paid content can invite up to 3 friends who don’t own it and still experience all the new stuff added without any issues.

The first phase of SnowRunner Season 1 is already out, Season Pass owners can download the new Phase 1 content today and can get rolling on the new map with their new vehicles.

What do you think? Are you excited for SnowRunner’s Season 1 content? What are you most looking forward to? And have you completed the base game already? How long did it take? Let us know!