Game passes and cloud gaming, possibly two of the most prevalent services to come out of the gaming industry recently. Gaming on the cloud has divided some players, whilst Game Pass continues to be a success. Now it seems like Xbox are merging the two, and have officially revealed that their very own cloud gaming service Project xCloud will be launching in September, and will be included in the subscription for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no additional cost.

Today we’re announcing that this September, in supported countries, we’re bringing Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud together at no additional cost for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members,” the official blog posts states. “With cloud gaming in Game Pass Ultimate, you will be able to play over 100 Xbox Game Pass titles on your phone or tablet. And because Xbox Live connects across devices, you can play along with the nearly 100 million Xbox Live players around the world.

So for those of you who are already subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you’ll be able to enjoy their new cloud gaming service without paying more than what you already are. It also means being able to play all Xbox first party titles like Halo Infinite on the day of launch, included in the game pass, and the ability to play on pretty much any device with an internet connection. This also seems to debunk the rumor of an Xbox Cloud Gaming name change, but certainly confirms the rumored September release date.

There was also the mention of Xbox All Access, which allows you to pay for an Xbox One console, plus Game Pass Ultimate (and Project xCloud), Xbox Live, and even an Xbox Series X when it releases (after an equivalent of 18 payments that is) all for a monthly subscription and no upfront costs at all.

The next generation might see the biggest competition between the two consoles yet, as both parties begin to offer their own goodies and services to entice players to their side. But I have to say, Xbox is starting to look pretty good value for money-wise.

What do you think? Are you excited for Project xCloud? Are you a Game Pass subscriber? Which console are you most interested in? (if you had to buy one that is) Let us know!