We all know it, we all pretty much obsess over it, but upgrading our PC hardware is an essential part of PC gaming. As games get more and more advanced and look better, they start to get more and more demanding. Even if you buy the latest high-end hardware at the time, chances are that a few years down the line (or even a decade) you won’t be able to play at maximum graphics settings anymore.

But will we even need high-end hardware in the future? As technology progresses we see more and more features being introduced that allow us to play with better performance, with better frame rates, on hardware that normally wouldn’t get that kind of performance.

DLSS is the closest example to think of, which has recently been implemented in the Death Stranding PC release and sees FPS gains of around 35-50%, going from around 30fps to nearly 60fps with the RTX 2060.

Obviously the RTX 2060 itself is a pretty powerful card by today’s standards, but the technology still speaks for itself: getting nearly 50% more FPS just by the flick of a switch is pretty game changing if you ask me, and it’s still pretty early as the technology slowly gets integrated into more games. And eventually in the future we may see an even better version that can be used by lower-end cards too.

Of course, if cloud gaming improves substantially, we won’t really need much in order to play that. Nvidia’s GeForce Now only needs a GeForce 600 series card, 4GB of ram and a dual core 2.0GHz or faster CPU. As long as you’ve got the internet connection speed, you really don’t need a beefy computer to run it.

Upcoming titles like Cyberpunk 2077 are just one of the few next-gen demanding games that will be available on Nvidia's service, essentially allowing you to play at the Maximum graphics settings and ray tracing enabled even with lower-end hardware.

By no means am I suggesting this will ever happen, but with the recent implementation of DLSS and the rise of AI and cloud gaming, I just thought this would be an interesting talking point to discuss among us PC gamers.

So do we really need high-end PC hardware in the future? Will AI pretty much do everything for us? Or will there always be a need for high-end hardware in the consumer PC gaming market? Let’s debate!

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"The thing is, there will always be a new frontier. The same way our phones can now play PSX/2 games when that was cutting edge for the time; hardware will keep advancing and developers will push it to the limit. The only way to circumvent the need to purchase it would be indeed some sort of cloud..."
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