If you’ve been having trouble with some weird “black blob” textures in Mass Effect on PC, then you’re not alone. The problem originated in 2011 when AMD released their Bulldozer-based processors, and is still an issue today with current FX and Ryzen CPUs. However, game developer CookiePLMonster has finally found an actual fix for the issue that has plagued the PC version for 9 years now.

Vendor-specific bugs aren’t exactly new, but the weird thing here is that they typically have to do with the graphics card/driver issues, rather than the CPU. In fact, this might be the first graphical issue to be caused by a processor rather than a GPU, as CookiePLMonster points out. You can check out what the issue looks like in the video below by Abe’s Mission Control on Youtube:

There are a couple workarounds for the issue, which many have used for years to circumvent the problem, but it never truly fixed it. Now CookiePLMonster believes they have found a proper fix. You can read the lengthy blog post here, which revealed exactly how they fixed it and a download for the patch.

So if you’ve noticed the issue before and want to have an actual patch that fixes the problem, then you can download the file from the blog post link mentioned above, and let us know if it works out for you!

What do you think? Have you experienced this problem? Did it ever stop you from enjoying the game? Have you noticed any other graphical issues because of CPUs rather than GPUs? Let us know!

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