More rumors are coming in hot and fast in preparation for Microsoft’s next Xbox games showcase on July 23rd. Whilst many are mostly excited for Halo Infinite, it’s Fable 4 that's getting the spotlight today. According to an industry insider known as Klobrille, Fable 4 will indeed be announced on Thursday with an in-engine trailer.

Rumors of a new Fable have been circulating for a while, including some extensive details about gameplay, setting and story. But not all of those details will be revealed on Thursday as Klobrille states, as instead we’ll be given a short in-engine trailer rather than an actual gameplay demo.

Just to get that expectation right, I don't think anyone should expect a Fable announcement with a gameplay demo like what Halo Infinite will do,” he said in an online forum. “I guess this will rather be in the Horizon II-trailer-like ballpark, so an in-engine trailer but somewhat indicative of what to expect.

So hopefully we’ll be getting to see some Fable IV action on Thursday when the Microsoft Xbox games showcase debuts.

What do you think? Are you excited for a new Fable game? What would you like to see? And which is your favorite Fable title? Let us know!

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