Bloober Team has a knack for creating some pretty nifty horror experiences, after cementing their success with the Layers of Fear franchise. The Medium is their next foray into the psychological horror landscape and it looks, well, trippy. As a Medium, players will have access to both the physical world and the spirit world.

Players will be able to explore and interact with these 2 separate realities at once, and if you saw the trailer from yesterday's Xbox Games Showcase and were wondering how the hell that plays out then don’t worry, because Bloober Team have put out a “Dual-Reality” gameplay showcase video so we can see exactly how this mechanic plays out. Check out the gameplay demo below:

So it certainly looks unique, and reminds me of the kind of style from A Way Out except without the co-op element. The puzzles sound intriguing, and will surely be a challenge, but so far we haven’t seen a lot of horror-iness, which I understand would just be giving the game away really but I’d like to at least see what these hostile spirits look like.

The Medium is coming Holiday 2020 for PC and Xbox Series X.

What do you think? Are you excited for The Medium? What’s your favorite Bloober Team game? And what’s your favorite Horror game? Let us know!