After Intel announced that there will be more delays for their 7nm and even 10nm process nodes, it seems that investors weren’t too happy, as share prices started to decline, allowing AMD to pull ahead of the leading technology company for the first time ever.

According to some recent reports, during that earnings call in which Intel revealed the delays for 7nm and 10nm process nodes, share prices were looking until Intel made the announcement. At that point the share prices for Intel dropped to $53.39 per share, whilst AMD’s pulled ahead at $63.44 per share.

That means Intel dropped by 11.69% since the start of the day, whilst AMD increased by 6.5%, despite Intel raking in $19.7 billion in revenue which was a 20% increase year-over-year.

It certainly doesn’t mean the end times for Intel though, as even though Nvidia’s market cap overtook Intel’s a while ago, the blue team managed to surpass Nvidia again. So it’s only a matter of time before Intel bounces back in share prices. However, it certainly shows how much confidence has been lost in Intel lately as AMD begins to close the gap.