If you watched the Xbox Games Showcase the other day and saw the Halo Infinite campaign gameplay demo and thought that the graphics didn’t exactly blow you away, well you’re not alone. Many viewers online have expressed their reaction to the graphics on show for a supposedly next-gen game, which weren’t exactly very astonishing.

During the Halo Infinite demo, you can see many instances of disappointing textures and a lot of pop-in. But apparently, according to the developers, the demo on show was actually from a previous build running on the PC, so this is clearly still a work in progress. “The game was captured from a PC that is representative of the experience that players will have on Xbox Series X,” 343 said, during a Q&A following the reveal.

Whilst that certainly explains the technological problems like the pop-in, I’m not entirely sure how much the visuals themselves can improve. Then again, the gameplay demo did lack the promised ray tracing technology that will apparently be added back in at some point after launch.

What do you think? Were you disappointed with Halo Infinite’s graphics on show? How much do you think they will improve? Let us know!

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