Thursday’s Xbox Games Showcase brought us a lot of surprises, but by far one of the biggest was the official reveal of a new Fable game. We think it’s Fable 4, but it could also easily be a remaster or even a reboot of the franchise. But since the reveal, many have been speculating the game’s premise, including rumors of it being an online MMO.

Since we only got a teaser, and literally no other details other than it will be an Action RPG, many rumors are circulating that the next Fable game (whatever it is) will be a full blown MMO like World of Craft or Final Fantasy 14 Online. However, several industry insiders have come forward to debunk this rumor, including klobrille, who previously revealed that Fable 4 would be revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase a week before.

Fable is an open-world Action-RPG. People really need to stop with this MMO nonsense. Even if there potentially will be online interactions similar to FH4, it’s not an MMO.

They reference that the game may include online interactions much like Forza Horizon 4 did, which the developers Playground Games worked on previously. In FH4 players shared the open world with other players online, but could not physically interact with them. Instead, there were “ghosts” of players littered throughout your world.

This doesn’t sound too dissimilar to what Fable 2 already had in place, where other players online were represented as floating glowing orbs that you could interact and trade with. But Fable 4 might step this up by showing the actual players themselves.

Another industry professional also weighed in, stating: “can confirm rumours of Fable being an "MMO" are false btw.

Of course, all of these are still rumors and should be taken with a pinch of salt, none of this has been officially confirmed by the developers themselves or even Microsoft. Unfortunately we’ll just have to wait and see, hopefully we’ll get to learn more at the next Xbox Games Showcase.

What do you think? Are you excited for Fable 4? Would you want it to be an MMO? Or would you be okay with it having online interactions similar to Forza Horizon 4 and Fable 2? Let us know!

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