Marvel's Avengers Beta details: over 20 missions, 4 playable heroes and Hawkeye reveal

Written by Stuart Thomas on Thu, Jul 30, 2020 12:00 PM
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July’s Marvel's Avengers War Table livestream just debuted, and with it we got a lot of new juicy content to cover, the first of which includes more details about what we can expect when the Beta arrives in just a few weeks, plus a look at some post-launch content like the addition of Hawkeye.

First of all, if Marvel’s Avengers already sounded like a pretty meaty game then just you wait, because the Beta itself comes choc full of content including over 20 solo and co-op missions to experience. 3 story missions will be available that includes the Golden Gate Bridge sequence, plus many more missions available in the War Zones and HARM challenge rooms. You can check out the full Beta Deep Dive video for Marvels Avengers below:

In case you were wondering again, here are the official Beta dates for PC and consoles that kick off in August:

Date Access
August 7th PlayStation pre-order Beta
August 14th PC and Xbox pre-order Beta
August 14th PlayStation open Beta
August 21st PC and Xbox open Beta

Lastly, after many were asking for it, Hawkeye was revealed to join the roster of superheroes after the official launch in September as part of the first free post-launch content. There’ll be more heroes and story missions available for absolutely free after that, but Crystal Dynamics haven’t given more information other than that.

It’s honestly quite ridiculous the amount of content that will be available during the Beta. After playing the story missions you will be able to unlock 4 heroes to play as and level up in the extra side content: Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, and Kamala Khan. You’ll be able to upgrade and customize their gear, as well as unlock special abilities in 1 of 3 skill trees available in the Beta.

So that’s it from July’s Marvel Avengers War Table, Crystal Dynamics said they will be releasing more information and content before the official launch including a first look at Hives and Boss Lairs. You can catch up on the previous Marvel's Avengers June War Table here.

What do you think? Are you excited for Marvel’s Avengers? Will you be joining the Beta? What hero are you going to play as? Let us know!

Are you excited for Marvel's Avengers?

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12:45 Jul-30-2020

The pre-order beta is such a gross thing to do by any publisher. If its a beta it should be open to all at the same time. Convoluted access system for a sub-par game.

18:04 Jul-30-2020

well said, beta should be open to everyone


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