AMD recently held their Q2 earnings call and revealed that the company has seen significant growth in Ryzen sales since last year, with a revenue of $1.37 billion which is a 45% increase year over year. Ryzen CPUs now also account for 15% of AMD’s total revenue, which is up from 2% since last year.

The growth is probably due to the increased popularity of Zen 2, which continues to dominate in the gaming industry as one of the best value-for-money buys for PC gamers. However, AMD also stated that it’s because of the increased needs to work and school from home:

We delivered our highest client processor revenue in more than 12 years,” AMD CEO Lisu Su said. “Increased working and schooling from home due to COVID-19 resulted in a strong PC market in the quarter. Although, we believe our growth was largely driven by our 11th straight quarter of market share gains.

It’s certainly good news for AMD, who seem to still be keeping on track with their next-gen products later this year. Unlike Intel who, whilst having made a significant amount of revenue, have seen additional delays to their production for 7nm and 10nm process nodes. Which has subsequently allowed AMD to surpass Intel in share prices.

Finally, AMD also wanted to reassure us that their Zen 3 client desktop processors and RDNA2-based graphics cards are still on track for launch this year, after already telling us earlier this month.

We are on track to deliver strong growth in the second half of the year, driven by our current product portfolio and initial shipments of our next-generation Zen 3 CPUs and RDNA 2 GPUs that are on track to launch in late 2020,” Su said.

I guess everyone’s worried that with the upcoming launch of next-gen consoles, PC users may have to wait longer to get their hands on the next-gen hardware before the consoles arrive. But it looks like AMD are staying true to their word at least, but there’s still no official launch date in sight yet.

What do you think? Are you excited for AMD’s next-gen lineup? What are you more excited for? Zen 3 or RDNA2? And what are your launch predictions? Let us know!

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