Microsoft has officially announced that their upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is also now available on Steam. The Steam page is already up and you can pre-order the Standard, Deluxe, or Premium Deluxe editions now. Not only that, but Microsoft also revealed that TrackIR support will be available at launch, with VR support available later in the year in time for the launch of the HP Reverb G2.

When MS Flight Sim was announced last year, VR wasn’t exactly the number 1 priority, but since then VR support has been a much requested feature. So now we at least know it is definitely coming, even if it is a bit later after launch. Unfortunately the full list of compatible headsets has not yet been announced (apart from the HP Reverb G2), but we can imagine that MS Flight Sim will be supporting all types and brands of headsets.

The Closed Beta also officially begins today, so if you haven’t signed up for it yet then do so now, as we’ve only got a couple weeks until the official launch in August.

MS Flight Sim 2020 is launching August 18th for the Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass, and now Steam.

What do you think? Are you excited for Microsoft Flight Simulator? Will you be playing it in VR when the support launches? Let us know!