There’s a hot topic surrounding VPNs and Steam, where many users have reported using a VPN service in order to purchase a game for cheaper in another region than where they already live. Now Valve has started to make it harder than ever to do so, as Steam now requires users to complete a purchase using a payment method from the same country they are trying to change to.

This whole problem starts with regional pricing, and whilst Valve makes suggestions for it, in the end it’s up to the publishers to decide. Regional pricing is the idea of changing a game’s price to suit the region’s economic situation, taking into account the cost of living, average income etc.

Some users try to abuse this feature, by using a VPN to trick Steam into thinking they live in a country where the game price is relatively cheaper, which recently caused Horizon Zero Dawn’s PC release to get a global price hike since too many users were abusing it.

Valve already has a strict policy on users using VPNs in order to get cheaper games, but now this recent policy should help to make it a lot harder for people to do so.

It’s one small step, as regional pricing still needs a bit of tweaking to be a bit more fair in some countries, but again that is almost always up to the publisher rather than Valve themselves. It’s tricky, sure, but we’re on the right track at least.

What do you think? Do you agree with the new policy? What is regional pricing like for you? Let us know!

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