I think the day when we hear that there actually won’t be a Call of Duty game this year will be a shock, nevertheless Activision recently had their Q2 earnings call and, you guessed it, confirmed that they are indeed working on a new Call of Duty game to come out this year.

But there is actually some interesting news here, as they seem to confirm a couple rumors about the upcoming Call of Duty 2020 title. Namely, Activision confirmed it is being developed by both Treyarch and Raven Software:

Activision will continue to build on its direct, digital relationship with this expanded community as it delivers the next premium release for Call of Duty, coming from Treyarch and Raven Software.

Following the call, both Treyarch and Raven themselves also confirmed the news on Twitter: It’s official. Looking forward to showing you what we’ve been cooking up with @RavenSoftware!” said Treyarch, followed by Raven who stated: “we are excited to announce our partnership with @Treyarch on this year's Call of Duty! Can't wait to show you more!

So this seemingly confirms the rumors that Sledgehammer was having trouble with development and needed Treyarch to take over for this year’s title. And also brings us closer to confirm the rumor of a gritty Black Ops reboot in the form of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which was seemingly leaked by Doritos if you can believe it.

There is of course the problem with the announcement, as usually we would have heard of or at least seen a teaser trailer for the next CoD game by now, but that hasn’t happened. Apparently, this is actually to do with Call of Duty Warzone, the free to play Battle Royale spin-off, more than it has to do with any outside factors.

Warzone in particular is not only a great game experience, it's also a great platform for us to share new franchise news and information directly with our community, like we haven't done before,” said Rob Kostich, the president of Activision.

They also revealed that Warzone has caused them “to rethink how, when, and even where we reveal our upcoming titles,” so we will most likely be seeing an official reveal coming from Warzone soon.

What do you think? Are you excited for the next Call of Duty game? How have you been finding Warzone? And what would you like to see in the next title? Let us know!

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