Guerilla’s epic open-world action game Horizon Zero Dawn is making its way onto the PC platform today, and whilst pre-loading the game is already available, at what time will it actually unlock? We take a look at the PC unlock times for Horizon: Zero Dawn for each region.

If you want to know exactly what kind of PC hardware the game requires, then you can check out the official Horizon Zero Dawn PC system requirements here.

HZD Complete Edition will be available to start playing at 8am PDT, 11am EDT, 4pm BST, 5pm CEST, and 1am (Saturday August 8th) AEST.

Region Unlock time
Pacific Daylight Time (US) 8am - August 7th
Eastern Daylight Time (US) 11am - August 7th
British Summer Time (UK) 4pm - August 7th
Central European Summer Time (EU) 5pm - August 7th
Australian Eastern Standard Time (AUS) 1am - August 8th

If you’ve read through our Horizon Zero Dawn PC performance report and graphics card benchmarks you’ll have noticed that the game can be quite demanding, and oftentimes quite glitchy depending on your hardware. Because of this, Guerilla has suggested players to keep up to date with the latest drivers for their graphics cards, as older drivers may cause some issues with the graphics or stability. For reference, the latest drivers as of today are:

  • Nvidia: 451.67
  • AMD: 20.7.2 (Optional / non-WHQL)

There’s also a few known issues with the game, and the developers have put out some warnings for these that you can expect when the version lands later today:

  • Anisotropic Filtering graphics setting is not working properly, Guerilla have marked this as “a high priority issue
  • Depending on your system, you may experience some stuttering whilst traversing the worlds, or during any UI updates or quest updates, or when the camera swaps in cutscenes. This is another high priority issue for the developers to fix.
  • Finally, some animations in the game are locked at 30fps even if your game is running at a higher frame rate. However Guerilla is exploring ways to improve this in a future update.

What is included in the Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition?

Not only is Horizon: Zero Dawn finally coming to PC, but it's also in the form of a “Complete Edition”, which includes a lot of new features specific to the PC as well as all the extra added content on the PlayStation 4 version, this includes:

  • The Frozen Wilds DLC
  • Carja Storm Ranger Outfit and Carja Mighty Bow
  • Carja Trader Pack
  • Banuk Trailblazer Outfit and Banuk Culling Bow
  • Banuk Traveller Pack
  • Nora Keeper Pack
  • Digital art book

Aside from actual content that’s included in the Complete Edition, Horizon Zero Dawn on PC also includes some new PC features like native 4K resolution support, unlocked framerates, custom keyboard and mouse controls, controller support (DualShock 4, Xbox, and Steam controllers), an FOV slider, and ultrawide monitor support.

Whilst the PC Complete Edition for Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t exactly a remaster, some graphical improvements have been made like better reflections and dynamic foliage. However none of the characters, machines, or environments have been redone for the PC version.

So that’s it! Not long now until we can all brave the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn when it launches on PC later today. Are you excited for it? Have you pre-loaded it already? Did you play the PS4 version at all? Or are you going in blind? Let us know!

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"Slight correction, the latest AMD driver is 20.8.1, which is the one that comes with Horizon support."
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