Nvidia recently just shared a new announcement on Twitter that teases something big coming in 21 days. It’s led to a lot of speculation online already, but almost everyone is convinced it has something to do with the upcoming next-gen RTX 30 series graphics cards based on the Ampere architecture.

21 days from now is slap bang on August 31st, a day after the Gamescom 2020 online event finishes. This correlates with Nvidia’s release of the previous RTX 20 series release, which saw an official announcement at Gamescom followed by a September release, which also directly correlates with rumors of a September release for the RTX 30 series.

The video itself depicts a supernova-style explosion with the caption “#UltimateCountdown,” suggesting whatever it is, this is going to be big news.

But Nvidia also seems to be asking us to look back on the company and their technology as a whole, as the “21 days” line is accompanied by “21 years” directly after. 21 years ago is exactly when Nvidia released their very first GeForce GPU the GeForce 256. Nvidia GeForce’s official Twitter account also now poses the phrase “Look back before looking forward” in their bio.

So all signs point towards a big event that will span across the whole 2 decades of Nvidia tech, resulting in the official reveal and announcement of the RTX 30 series lineup, and most likely will get some actual information on the performance benefits of the Ampere architecture.

3 weeks until we hopefully see the fruit of all those rumors we’ve been hearing lately of the RTX 30 lineup, including a mysterious RTX 3090 card that supposedly will replace the RTX Titan, or the various rumors of performance improvements over the current-gen Turing architecture.

What do you think? What could Nvidia unveil in 21 days? What are you hoping to see? If it is an RTX 30 series announcement, what kind of performance improvements are you looking for? Let us know!

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Zero60 -
"I'm very excited. When Nvidia releases new GPUs it's always a big thing. I've been holding onto my 1080 since 2017 and honestly, I can't wait to upgrade to a 3080. If all the rumors are true, then this generation is gonna be actually worth it and raytracing could actually be possible with playable..."
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