Last year EA announced that they will be bringing their library of games onto Valve’s Steam storefront, then we started to see titles appearing in June, and now the final piece is in place as the EA Access subscription service now has a Steam page. Although it’s not actually available just yet, we at least have something to look at now I guess.

If you’re wondering about the name change, it seems that EA doesn’t like using the name Origin outside of their official launcher, but they’re exactly the same service. The only difference right now is that we don’t have a price tag just yet, or a premier tier either.

The price will most likely be the same as on Origin, which goes for $5 for a month or $30 for a whole year. It’s a great deal for fans of EA games, as you get unlimited access to a huge library of games, plus you can play games up to 10 hours before launch, 10% off all EA purchases on Steam, and even unlock exclusive rewards from challenges and members-only content.

There is a premier tier on Origin, and there’s no mention of it on the Steam page. This tier obviously gets you a lot more benefits, but is significantly more expensive at $30 per month, or $130 per year.

What do you think? Will you be getting an EA Access subscription? What games will you play from it? Let us know!

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