Intel has officially announced that they are working on a graphics card specifically for the gaming enthusiast market, and will even feature hardware-accelerated ray training support. The announcement came today from Intel’s own architecture day, via Intel’s chief architect and senior vice president for the discrete graphics division, Raja Koduri.

The Intel Xe lineup includes 4 different variants for different sectors, aiming at various audiences, with Xe-LP, Xe-HP, Xe-HPC, and now the Xe-HPG for gaming enthusiasts. SO it seems like Intel will now be a direct competitor with AMD and Nvidia when these new cards are expected to launch sometime in 2021.

The HPG variant is being built with all 3 other Xe pillars, utlizing the Xe-LP’s foundations for graphics efficiency, Xe-HP for scalability, and the Xe-HPC for computer efficiency. Intel also confirmed that the Xe-HPG will include support for GDDR6 memory.

Interestingly, Intel noted that the Xe-HPG GPU will be built by an external manufacturer, but they did not clarify whether it was TSMC or Samsung. 

Overall, it looks like Intel is ready to jump into the fray with their very own graphics card for the gaming market, and could be a potential rival now with ray tracing support to Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 30 series based on the Ampere architecture, and AMD’s upcoming RDNA2-based Navi GPUs

Unfortunately no other details were revealed like performance expectations, but considering who they are competing against, and the fact they are advertising it as an enthusiast card, we can assume performance will be somewhat similar to what Nvidia and AMD will be offering.

What do you think? Will you be switching over to Intel for your graphics card? If not, what will sway you? Let us know!

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"GPU chip gonna be 14nm too?"
"I would say intel should stick to what there good at but well, thats not exactly going great either atm, i feel most will stay to what they know best, amd and nvidia, but saying that, having another in the mix could sort out high prices"
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