The Warner Brothers DC FanDome event is nearly upon us, debuting many exciting announcements for DC fans ranging from movies to video games. The schedule is out now, and reveals the official title for Rocksteady’s upcoming Suicide Squad game, as well as a small hint at something else being developed by Warner Brothers Games Montreal.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is the title of Rocksteady’s new game set in the DC superhero universe, the entire presentation will last around 20 minutes, with Will Arnett hosting the panel. You can check out the full official schedule for the DC FanDome event below, including what time the new Suicide Squad game will be revealed.

Wonder Woman 1984 - Panel August 22nd - 10am August 22nd - 1pm August 22nd - 6pm August 22nd - 7pm August 23rd - 3am
Warner Bros. Games Montreal Announcement August 22nd - 10:30am August 22nd - 1:30pm August 22nd - 6:30pm August 22nd - 7:30pm August 23rd - 3:30am
The Sandman Universe: Enter the Dreaming - Panel August 22nd - 10:45am August 22nd - 1:45pm August 22nd - 6:45pm August 22nd - 7:45pm August 23rd - 3:45am
Multiverse 101 - Panel August 22nd - 11:20am August 22nd - 2:20pm August 22nd - 7:20pm August 22nd - 8:20pm August 23rd - 4:20am
Introducing Flash - Panel August 22nd - 11:45am August 22nd - 2:45pm August 22nd - 7:45pm August 22nd - 8:45pm August 23rd - 4:45am
Beyond Batman August 22nd - 11:55am August 22nd - 2:55pm August 22nd - 7:55pm August 22nd - 8:55pm August 23rd - 4:55am
The Suicide Squad - Panel August 22nd - 12pm August 22nd - 3pm August 22nd - 8pm August 22nd - 9pm August 23rd - 5am
BAWSE Females of Color Within the DC Universe - Panel August 22nd - 12:50pm August 22nd - 3:50pm August 22nd - 8:50pm August 22nd - 9:50pm August 23rd - 5:50am
Legacy of the Bat - Panel August 22nd - 1:10pm August 22nd - 4:10pm August 22nd - 9:10pm August 22nd - 10:10pm August 23rd - 6:10am
Chris Daughtry: Performance August 22nd - 1:30pm August 22nd - 4:30pm August 22nd - 9:30pm August 22nd - 10:30pm August 23rd - 6:30am
The Joker: Put on a Happy Face August 22nd - 1:40pm August 22nd - 4:40pm August 22nd - 9:40pm August 22nd - 10:40pm August 23rd - 6:40am
Jim Lee Portfolio Review - DC Super-Villain Fan Art August 22nd - 1:50pm August 22nd - 4:50pm August 22nd - 9:50pm August 22nd - 10:50pm August 23rd - 6:50am
Surprise DC Comics Panel August 22nd - 2pm August 22nd - 5pm August 22nd - 10pm August 22nd - 11pm August 23rd - 7am
I’m Batman: The Voices Behind the Cowl – Panel August 22nd - 2:25pm August 22nd - 5:25pm August 22nd - 10:25pm August 22nd - 11:25pm August 23rd - 7:25am
The Snyder Cut of Justice League - Panel August 22nd - 2:45pm August 22nd - 5:45pm August 22nd - 10:45pm August 22nd - 11:45pm August 23rd - 7:45am
Black Adam - Panel August 22nd - 3:10pm August 22nd - 6:10pm August 22nd - 11:10pm August 23rd - 12:10am August 23rd - 8:10am
CNN Heroes: Real-Life Heroes in the Age of Coronavirus August 22nd - 3:30pm August 22nd - 6:30pm August 22nd - 11:30pm August 23rd - 12:30am August 23rd - 8:30am
To Be Announced August 22nd - 3:50pm August 22nd - 6:50pm August 22nd - 11:50pm August 23rd - 12:50am August 23rd - 8:50am
Aquaman - Panel August 22nd - 4pm August 22nd - 7pm August 23rd - 12:00am August 23rd - 1am August 23rd - 9am
"Ask Harley Quinn" August 22nd - 4:10pm August 22nd - 7:10pm August 23rd - 12:10am August 23rd - 1:10am August 23rd - 9:10am
Wonder Woman 80th Celebration - Panel August 22nd - 4:15pm August 22nd - 7:15pm August 23rd - 12:15am August 23rd - 1:15am August 23rd - 9:15am
Tomorrow's Super Heroes with Jim Lee brought to you by Gold House August 22nd - 4:20pm August 22nd - 7:20pm August 23rd - 12:20am August 23rd - 1:20am August 23rd - 9:20am
SHAZAM! - Panel August 22nd - 4:35pm August 22nd - 7:35pm August 23rd - 12:35am August 23rd - 1:35am August 23rd - 9:35am
Wonder Woman 1984 – The WW84 Cast Play 'Werewolf 1984' August 22nd - 4:45pm August 22nd - 7:45pm August 23rd - 12:45am August 23rd - 1:45am August 23rd - 9:45am
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League August 22nd - 5:10pm August 22nd - 8:10pm August 23rd - 1:10am August 23rd - 2:10am August 23rd - 10:10am
The Batman - Panel August 22nd - 5:30pm August 22nd - 8:30pm August 23rd - 1:30am August 23rd - 2:30am August 23rd - 10:30am

So For the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League reveal: that’s August 22nd at 5pm PDT for those of you on the west coast like California, or 8pm EDT if you live on the east coast like New York, and 1am the following morning on August 23rd for those in the United Kingdom, or 2am for those living in Europe, or 10am AEsT if you live in Australia.

Obviously, we can expect some sort of trailer at least, hopefully of some gameplay but will most likely just be some sort of cinematic teaser. However, what’s also interesting to note is that Warner Brothers Games Montreal are also premiering something at a much earlier time. This most likely has something to do with all those Batman teasers last year, and there’s a good chance it’s related to Gotham Knights as the domain name was acquired at the same time as the Suicide Squad.

WB Games Montreal previously brought us Batman: Arkham Origins before, which was largely regarded as not as good as the official Batman: Arkham games from Rocksteady, but hopefully we'll see some improvement from them.

What do you think? Will you be watching the reveal? Are you excited for a new Rocksteady game? What about a new Batman game? And which panels are you most interested in?Let us know!

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