It seems like a lot of PlayStation 4 players double dipped this Summer, as new statistics claim that Horizon Zero Dawn sold between 200k-500K copies already since launch, with 35% of sales apparently from players who already purchased the PS4 version before.

The information comes from Steamspy and PlayTracker, who collect data from Steam to determine many statistics about is users and games. They’re not completely accurate unfortunately, so don’t take their results as the definitive numbers, but it does give us a good indication about certain games.

Interestingly, PlayTracker states that the 35% double dip is quite high, as the only other game to beat that is Grand Theft Auto 5:

Either way, a high number of double dippers doesn’t always mean a good thing, as it shows that it hasn’t exactly attracted a lot of new PC players. Though admittedly, that could be because of the negative reception Horizon: Zero Dawn has gotten recently because of the sloppy PC port.

Hopefully this will still show to developers and publishers that releasing games on PC is a worthwhile endeavour, and could lead to more PC ports of PlayStation games (hopefully).

What do you think? Did you double dip on Horizon Zero Dawn? Let us know!

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